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to use Pinterest to grow their online presence.

You’re busy all day long


You run a business from home and often find yourself wishing for more hours in the day and you want to feel in control of your weekly schedule. Social media can eat up so much of your time but you know that you need to create brand awareness. That’s where Pinterest comes in!


Pinterest is a visual search engine, so design is a vital part of the Pinterest puzzle. I have a background in design and pin design is a part of both my Pinterest management packages. If you want to do it yourself, you can purchase my templates to give you a design head start!


If tech is not your thing, fear not – I’m here for you. I can set up your account from scratch or I can take on your account and tidy it up for you. I can then manage the day to day scheduling to ensure you have traffic coming to your site on autopilot! 

Hi – I’m Amy

I’m here to show you how to utilise Pinterest to increase brand awareness and drive the right kind of traffic to your website. Whether you want to use my Pinterest management services or do it yourself. I’m here to help.

Amy is AMAZING!!!  I could not have gotten half the work done that she did in an ounce of time!!  She is professional, easy to work with and she is always way ahead of deadlines!!  Her prices are awesome and the quality of work is well over what you pay. I know you will love her work just as much as I do!!   She will forever be on my speed dial:)


Coach, Agency to Private Practice

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