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to use Pinterest to grow their online presence.

I am in a number of Facebook groups where the same question crops up regularly. “Can anyone recommend any software that I can use to edit my logo that I can save in hi-res…not too pricey and an alternative to illustrator or Photoshop as I don’t need the whole package”.

Firstly I always say, you need a vector package like Illustrator rather than Photoshop as that is what makes your logo scalable. My own opinion is that unless you are a graphic designer, Illustrator is very pricey.

Today I’m going to let you in on my secret. It’s a piece of software that you buy outright so there are no monthly fees. It’s affordable, the next best thing to illustrator and I would argue easier to learn. But you’ll have to wait just a little longer until I reveal what it is!

Before you guess, it’s not Canva either!

Canva not working for your needs?

Canva is a great tool when you are starting out. I use it to create templates using the free version for those who don’t want to worry about graphic design or don’t have the time to spend on it. There are a lot of folks who start off using Canva and then want to move on to something with a bit more functionality.

Vector Design Software

There are a lot of free vector design software options out there and I have used a couple in the past, namely Gimp and Inkscape. They were quite good but I did run into difficulties when I updated my operating system so I started hunting for an alternative.

I did a lot of research and found that Affinity designer kept on coming up as a great affordable alternative to Illustrator. Having used free software, I really didn’t want to start paying now but when I went on the sales page I discovered it was on sale at half price (I think it was £29 at the time). Best of all, it was a one off payment – no recurring monthly cost!

As someone who is always tight with money, I can say this is the best business investment I have made.

How Does it work?

I’ve recorded a video for you, so that you can see an overview of the desktop layout.

Design Examples

Here are some examples of graphics I have created using Affinity designer. You can also browse this website as all of the graphics on this website have been created using Affinity designer.

How to purchase Affinity Designer

Head to the Affinity Designer sales page, and excitingly it is now available for Windows too – it only used to be available for Mac.

This is not an affiliate post – I just love the software!



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