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to use Pinterest to grow their online presence.

How many posts have you seen telling you to grow your email list? There are lots of posts out there because it is a very good idea. Social media change algorithms all of the time, which means those followers that you worked so hard to attract won’t even see your content unless you pay for ads. You own your email list so you can download from one email marketing software to another if you like. The point is, that you are in control. That’s why today I want to share some email marketing campaign tips to help save you time.

What should you send your email list?

It is advised that once you have an email list, that you keep your list warm by sending valuable content consistently. This can be the cause of added stress because suddenly you have even more content that you need to come up with on a regular consistent basis.

When you start to grow your list from zero, you just want to get into the habit of emailing your people. Send an email out once a week linking to your most recent blog post. Add in a little personal story at the start so they can get to know you and build up trust with you. I usually pull parts from the intro of my blog post to set the scene too.

Why you should batch your email newsletters:

Writing email newsletters is very like writing blog posts. It can take time to enter the writing zone and find your flow with creative tasks like this. I suggest that you set aside a time to write and schedule newsletters for the next 3 – 4 weeks in one go. After you have batch created your blog posts (or other content that you create) for the same number of weeks.

How to Schedule your Email Newsletters in Mailerlite

I use Mailerlite, you can find out more about why I chose Mailerlite over other email marketing software in this post.

I have recorded a short screen share video to show you how easy it is to schedule your newsletter campaigns.

What is the best time to send an email to get a response?

I actually researched this question for the purpose of this blog post and I was very surprised at the answer. There are several good times ranging from 6 am, 11 am and 8pm, but it all really depends on your particular audience.

I would suggest scheduling for a different peak time each week as an experiment and see which one suits your audience best. For example, my main audience is mums in business and mums are very busy during the day. I know I tend to sit on my phone and check my email in the evening once my son is in bed and this could be a habit for other mums too.

Email list action plan

If you are just getting started with building your email list, you can find out more to help you with this topic with the email list action plan. You can also grab the workbook that goes along with it right here.



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