I thought I would create a Pinterest marketing for beginners series to go back to basics for those of you who are totally new to Pinterest. This post is all about how to create a board on Pinterest. Sometimes as mega-users of Pinterest we forget that not everyone is used to the platform.

Why I love Pinterest

Firstly, if you don’t currently use Pinterest you probably want to know why you should be using Pinterest in the first place.

For me, most importantly it is my number one driver of traffic to my website. I hope that Google will take over one day as my number one traffic source however google can take a while to take effect. One thing I love about Pinterest is that I can speed up the process of my pins being seen by the right people with a few simple strategies.

My absolute favourite thing about Pinterest is this. Once you have put in a bit of work and your pins start to gain traction they start working for you without much or any effort on your part.

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Pinterest is a search engine, but it’s a search engine with an element that is similar to social media. You have a profile and therefore you control what you share within your profile. As with social media you follow people and have followers.

You can use this profile (along with a good keyword strategy) to help you to show up higher in search results on Pinterest by being a good Pinterest user.

How to Create a Board on Pinterest

Once you sign up for a Pinterest account one of the first things you want to do is to create some boards. Boards are a way of organising your pins into categories. It’s important to create boards that will be of interest to your ideal client and that tie in with your niche.

I have created a video to show you how to create a board on Pinterest.

What Next?

Make sure you grab a free copy of my 5 Step Pinterest Pathway to help you get started with Pinterest for your brand, blog or business.


If you have any questions about getting started with Pinterest, ask in the comments or you can DM me on Instagram.



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