Being on a constant content creation treadmill is exhausting. It is important to be consistent when you create content but quality is also important. Posting once a week or once a fortnight is fine if you are producing high quality content. You shouldn’t just be thinking about new content because it is important to make the most out of your old content. So how do you drive traffic to your old blog posts? The best way is using Pinterest and I’m going to share a Pinterest tutorial with you to show you how.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Using Pinterest consistently is an important Pinterest marketing strategy to get your pins seen by more users on the platform. If you don’t have a huge number of posts yet, then it can be hard to pin your own content regularly as you don’t want to be spammy to your followers by pinning the same thing over and over again. Plus doing that can hurt your Pinterest account.

The answer is to create new pins that link to your old blog posts. Pinterest actually encourages users to create new pins for old content. It’s a win win, because you can test out various headlines, descriptions and pin designs that all lead to the same piece of content. Like split A B testing. You can then analyse the results to see what works well with your audience.

You can use this Pinterest strategy to create lots of pins for popular posts to drive even more traffic to those posts. It is also a useful strategy to try and revive a post that’s not so popular. Maybe you used a bad headline or a bad image and you could revive that post with a bit of Pinterest experimentation.

Pinterest Tutorial

If you are wondering how you add new Pins to your account without adding them to your blog post. It’s really easy. I’ve recorded a short video tutorial to show you how to upload new pins for old blog posts.

Free Pinterst Cheat Sheet

Grab your free Pinterest cheat sheet by clicking the button below.



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