So it’s the golden question for those of us with websites. Did you ever google “how to increase organic traffic on website”? It’s so important to work from the beginning of your business to start to drive targeted traffic to your website. Why targeted traffic? Well, you don’t want any old traffic do you? You want traffic full of your ideal clients. Here is my step by step break down of how to increase organic traffic on your website.

Step 1: Write regular blog content

The top way to help google find you organically (there are other search engines available) is to blog. Blogging helps you to establish yourself as an expert and helps google to figure out what your website is about. Make sure you create quality content that is valuable to your ideal customer as this is the first way that you will start to build up trust with your ideal client. If the content is bad then your ideal clients will likely leave your website and never come back.

Step 2: Use long tail keywords

You need to aim to rank for a long tail keyword. What is that I hear you ask? Well it’s a specific phrase in relation to what you are helping your audience with. Here’s an example:

I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist so my first though may be aim to rank for the keyword ‘Pinterest’ but that would be a big mistake. I would probably end up way down on page 100 of google search results because there are so many people aiming to rank for the word Pinterest.

Instead I think about what my ideal client is looking for and what my service is and how those two tie in together:

My ideal client is looking to attract more of her ideal clients to her website. So I searched google using an extension called keywords everywhere to find a keyword that has a reasonable search volume but not too much competition. The keyword I’m aiming to rank for is “how to increase organic traffic on website”.

It’s way more likely to happen than just aiming to rank for ‘Pinterest”

Step 3: Gradually build up authority with external links

It takes time for Google to get to know your website so you have to be patient. One thing you can do to build your authority with Google is to have some links from other websites that are trusted and that link back to you. You can do this by guest posting on other blogs or being interviewed by other bloggers and having them link to your site on the post.

Step 4: Use internal links

Once you build up a catalogue of content on your own site, make sure you link to your related content. This encourages your readers to stay on your site for longer and it shows that your website is a place to go on your niche topic as there are several articles that are all related to each other

Step 5: Speed things up with Pinterest

One thing required to rank on google is patience and I know that in this world of instant gratification that can be hard to accept. Luckily there is a way to speed up the process and still attract traffic organically. For this I use Pinterest and it is by far my best targeted traffic driver to my website. Like 70% of my total traffic!

I’ve created an audio training about how Pinterest can help to drive targeted traffic to your website. It’s to help you decide if Pinterest is worth investigating further for your business. I’ll send it direct to you right now – you just fill in your details below and you’ll receive the email immediately. It’s a no brainer really!



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