Before we get started with how to use Pinterest, it is a good idea that you know what this tool is and why it is useful as both a consumer and a business owner. Head over to my last post so you know exactly what this amazing tool is used for, before we move on to how to use Pinterest below.

Step by Step Guide

Sign up

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a personal account if you are a consumer. If you are a business owner you can open a business account which will give you access to analytics and a number of other additional features.

Create a Profile

Fill in all of your profile details and let Pinterest know what you are interested in. Don’t worry too much about the topics you choose. Go with the ones that are most relevant to your interests.

Install the ‘pin it’ extension to your browser.

This extension will allow you to easily pin images from web pages whilst you are browsing online. The extension will help you to pin directly from websites even if they don’t have the pin it button.

Create boards

You need to create boards (categories) so that you have a place to pin any content that you find. You can read my full post about creating Pinterest boards right here. In the post,  I share a video tutorial to walk you through how to create a Pinterest board.

Add a pin

You can add a pin from a website using the ‘pin it’ extension button. It is also possible to add pins from your own website or Instagram. You can use the extension as you would with other websites, you can use a pin it button if you have one installed on your website.

The other option is to upload your pin directly to Pinterest. I have a full post explaining how you can create your own pins and how you can upload them directly to Pinterest.

Re-pin from your feed

Pinterest likes it when you are active on the platform. You can do this by regularly re-pinning content from your feed. The smart feed picks up on the kind of content that you are pinning and shares more content along similar lines.

Next Step

If you plan to use Pinterest to grow an audience for your blog, business or brand then make sure you grab the free 5 step Pinterest Path Way PDF guide right now. Just fill in your details and I’ll email it to your right away.


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