If you use instagram, you will be aware of the frustration of not being able to share links in your posts. If you have over 10K followers you can share links in your stories but you still can’t share links in your main feed posts. How do you get around this? Most people point to a link in bio or link in profile.

Link In Bio Meaning

What does link in bio actually mean?

It is an instruction to those reading your post that if they want to find out more they need to click the link on your biography or profile page. I find that if I tag myself using @freedom_mamas it helps to make the process slightly easier for my audience. They simply need to click on my name to get to my profile page to find the link.

What Link should I share on my Instagram profile?

The next thing to figure out is what link you should share on your profile. If you’re anything like me, you don’t just have one thing you want to share. You talk about several things on your instagram feed so you need to be able to link to those key things.

This is where a link list comes in. Many people use services like Linktree or Linkinprofile to share their links. I have used both in the past but I found them both extremely frustrating. I found that these links simply stopped working for long periods of time. Maybe they were blocked by Instagram or maybe it was an error but either way, no-one could access my content.

Relying on a third party is a risk. Plus people are not clicking to your website, they are clicking to a third party website. They may lose interest at this point and never get to your site.

Create your own link list

It is because of this reliance on third party sites that I decided to create my own link list. It’s super easy to do if you use a drag and drop builder. Either a theme like Divi or if you use SquareSpace to create your website.

You simply create a new page (I named my page ‘links’) and add a list of buttons to your page. If you use a drag and drop builder, you can regularly rearrange the order of the buttons to suit what your focus is on at that time.

You can see my own link list here.

Plus, if the user loses interest when they land on your link list you still have a chance to add them to your email list. How?

Do you have a pop-up set up on your site to offer a freebie? If not, it is something you should consider.

I have a pop-up set up for exit intent (when someone is leaving my site). This is so it doesn’t bother them whilst they are browsing but they have a chance to nab my freebie on their way out.

Short of time or not keen on tech?

Don’t worry – I offer VA services, so if this sounds like something your would love to set up (either a link list or a pop-up) then feel free to enquire about my VA services.



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