So, you know you have to create content to grow your audience and your email list but it feels like a constant struggle to keep on top of it all. How do people deal will all of the different types of content creation opportunities that are out there?

Firstly, I’m going to say don’t even try to be everywhere just pick a few of places to be active. Secondly, don’t create new content for each platform, re-use what you have already created.

Content ideas

If you have spent a long time researching content ideas and then writing the perfect blog post. Or perhaps creating the perfect youtube video or podcast episode. Don’t waste it by just sharing it in one place. Recycle it and use it elsewhere. Don’t worry if people see it more than once, it will just reinforce what you have already told them. People hang out in different places online and you want to make sure you reach them all in different ways.

I’ll share what I do, and what I’ve seen others do too in regards to different types of content creation.

What I do

I start with a blog post, I find writing everything down forces me to think things through and create a structure that makes sense. I also find that keyword research helps me to come up with ideas for blog post sub topics and helps me to create my content.

Once I have written my blog post I get my phone out and balance my mini tripod on a few books. I use my blog post as a guideline to record a video for IGTV. That video can then be shared in my Facebook group or on my Facebook page. I don’t worry that it is the wrong format for Facebook as most people view on their phones these days anyway. Plus, done is better than perfect!

I could also create a podcast out of the audio if I wanted to but I just don’t have time right now for the additional editing and uploading.

What I’ve seen others do.

I have seen other people do a Facebook live and then download that video to use the audio as a podcast episode. The video could also be shared on Youtube, on your own website and even reformatted for IGTV. If you have Garageband or the PC equivalent video editing software you can export files as an audio and then you have a podcast episode!

You can also take your blog post and break it into chunks to use on Social media either in the main feed or as bite sized tips using stories.

Hopefully after reading all of this, you are breathing a huge sigh of relief because content creation doesn’t need to be a huge mountain to climb. You can take one thing and make it look like lots of different types of content creation.

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