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to use Pinterest to grow their online presence.

Most people think of Etsy as a way to sell hand made items and I love to shop on Etsy for beautiful unique handmade items. Did you know that it is also a great place to sell passive income products? I’m going to share some passive income ideas with you soon but before that lets talk about why Etsy is a great place to sell passive income products.

Etsy is fully geared up to help you generate an income in a passive way if you have digital products to sell. Etsy is set up to deliver digital products automatically when a customer purchases from you. They even take care of EU VAT laws which is a tax law that you need to be aware of if you are selling digital products to customers in the European Union.

Why sell on Etsy rather than my own Website?

I think Etsy is a great option for when you get started selling digital products. They take care of delivery to your customer and they take care of EU VAT which is a real headache for small business.

You simply open a shop and then you can start listing items. The great thing is you are also exposed to the massive number of customers who are ready to buy that Etsy attracts. You just need to focus on your Etsy SEO and find a way to drive people to your Etsy shop (hint: Pinterest is fab for that!) Get your first 40 listings free if you open your Etsy shop through this link.

What passive income products can I sell on Etsy?

There are lots of passive income products you could sell on Etsy, here are a few suggestions:

Stock photography

If you are a photographer, business owners in particular are always looking for stock photos to use on their website or for social media. Flat lays are particularly popular, so if you are a dab hand at it, try selling some on Etsy.

SVG files

Scalable Vector Graphics are useful for so many things. To add to Pinterest graphics, free workbooks, websites – the list is endless. If you are good at creating them, sell them on Etsy because not all of us have that skill.


Planners are so popular. I make and sell my own planers which I use but I still buy others too. It’s like an addiction and I know I’m not the only one with a planner addiction. I am a particular fan of evergreen planners where you can write in the date and use over and over again.

Wall art

If you are a graphic designer or an artist create digital versions of your art and sell them for people to print at home. It’s a great way to make the art affordable for your customers and you don’t have take a risk with high stock levels.


E books are another popular one. If you are an expert on a particular subject and want to sell an ebook, why not do it through Etsy and gain exposure to a whole new audience. This would be a particularly good idea if you are an expert on something crafty as there is such a huge audience on Etsy.


Fonts are another great option for designers. Brands are always looking for new ways to stand out, and buying a font is a great way to do this.


If you are not very creative but you are excellent with numbers and spreadsheets then this is a great option. So many people are terrible with spreadsheets and setting up formulas, you can create spreadsheet templates and sell them as a way of earning passive income.


This is an option that I plan on exploring in the future as it’s not common place on Etsy yet.   Take advantage of the huge audience on Etsy and sell a coupon to your course that you host elsewhere

How to list passive income products on Etsy

I have recorded a brief video on how to set up your listings on  Etsy. This video touches on Etsy SEO but there i s a lot more to it than in this video. Make sure you take your time working on your keyword research as it is one of the most vital steps to make sure your products get seen on Etsy.

Next Step

Use Pinterest to market your new Etsy shop. Make sure you grab your free Pinterest for business cheat sheet by clicking the button below.



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