So, what is Pinterest? I just typed that question into google and it is typed in 22.2k times every month, so I figured I would explain why I love Pinterest sooo much.

Think of it as a digital notice board or pin board. It is a place for people to save images that link to content that interests them. You can essentially bookmark anything that you may want to go back to.


When you set up your profile you also set up boards. Boards are essentially categories to help you to organise and find your pins at a later date. You can create as many boards as you like. Your boards are visible to the public unless you create a secret board which is visible just to you.

You can also create group boards so that you can share ideas with other people. This would be a great idea for a group of friends organising a hen (bachelorette) party as an example.

Search Engine meets Social Media

As well as being used as a notice board Pinterest is used as a search engine. Much like google, you can type what you are looking for in to the search bar. Pin suggestions will then show up in your feed and you can click on the pins that most interest you.

Once you click on the pin, you have two choices – you can pin it to a board to save it for later (known as re-pinning). The other option is to click on the pin there and then, a new window will pop up to take you to the content behind the pin.

By re-pinning the content you are adding it to your own feed so the pin will show up to your followers. The pins in your feed determine the kind of followers that you attract. You can therefor attract your ideal audience, clients or customers by pinning content that would appeal to them.

Why is Pinterest Useful?

Pinterest is useful for both the end consumer and for business and here is why:

From a consumer point of view:

From a consumer point of view, it is great for discovering new ideas or searching for items that you are looking to purchase. If you are decorating a kids room for example and you really want some art. You can find both inspiration and items to purchase that suit your style by searching for your requirement.

Pinterest is also great for learning new skills. You just type your question into the search bar and you will find links to tutorial posts that answer your question. It is the go to tool that bloggers use to share content, so you can find lots of links to content that answer your questions through Pinterest.

From a Business point of view:

As a business owner, Pinterest is amazing for a number of reasons and yes, I’ll share the main reasons with you here:

You can share your expertise and become a well known voice in your field or niche relatively easily. If you share content regularly (which the Pinterest algorithm loves) then you can build up a following of people who start to recognise your name as being an expert in your niche.

It is also is great for finding other people in you niche. You can make connections and start to learn what other people are doing in your industry. It is a gateway to reach out and collaborate with like minded business owners.

It is by far the best way that I have found to share my content and actually get it found by the right people.

What Next?

If you want to know how to get the most out of Pinterest for your blog, brand or business, then be sure to grab your free copy of the Pinterest Path Way PDF guide. You can get it by entering your details below and I’ll email it to you right away.


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